Cover of Joe Lasqo's Album "Turquoise Sessions", available 18 Oct 2011from Edgetone Records

Available by direct order for $12 + any applicable shipping/tax (write:, as well as at shows, at Viracocha, Bird & Beckett, at other retail, & the usual e-commerce outlets.

Long-awaited CD of Indo-modernist and Neo-Gaku piano solo repertoire pioneered at San Francisco’s legendary Viracocha: Ancient musics from Japan and India in 21st-century modernist piano interpretations.

Available on Edgetone Records. From their description: “Pianist Joe Lasqo plays elegantly startling ragas, played in a style as if Debussy had lived in Mumbai, and ancient Japanese shakuhachi and gagaku “standards” refracted through the serialist prisms of Messiaen, early Stockhausen, and Paul Bley.”

We have crafted a beautiful physical object and encourage you to enjoy it in physical form.


Craig Matsumoto/クレイグ松本, Memory TraceA New Type of Piano Piece — Joe Lasqo Turquoise Sessions

Max Level of KFJC: Lasqo, Joe – “Turquoise Sessions” – [Edgetone Records]

Jon Worley of Aiding & Abetting: Joe Lasqo: Turquoise Sessions (Edgetone)

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