MSP 包山節 w Warren Stringer’s visual synth @LSG (Thu 28 Jun, 8pm) + Glou-glou (9pm)

The Bun Mountains - 包山

Outsound Series @ Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market St. @ 6th Street, San Francisco, 8pm.

This all-laptop show will feature luminous and dark harmonic spectra, and doppler’d / computer-restructured time —  especially time-warped and processed sound from my field recordings of the excited crowds, street percussion, snatches of Cantonese opera, etc. from the Cheung Chau Bun Festival (長洲包山節), with synth’d sound overlay.

Climbing the Bun Mountain to get the luck

In this culminating point of the yearly rituals in honor of the Daoist god Pak Tai (北帝) and the birthday of Buddha on the Outer Island of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong, there’s a fierce scrum to clamber to the top of huge “bun mountain” towers and snatch the most and highest buns to get the best luck for the coming year, after which a giant paper effigy of the King of Ghosts is burnt. All senses are engaged, not least the ears, and the soundscape is gorgeous.

The show will also feature extended multi-dimensional Indo-modernist “meta-rāgas”, where the “notes” are changes in sound-color, harmonization, or degree of randomization as well as changes in pitch, as the basis for improv structures in forms like Rāgam-Tānam-Pallavi (ராகம் தானம் பல்லவி).

Cassini Saturn Probe results - Melody harmony or spectrum?

This will include a piece in the Saturnian meta-rāga Śani-Haṭakaṅgi (शनिहटकङी), using samples of Saturn’s signal-scape as recorded by the Cassini space probe.

Warren Stringer

My partner in this show is multimedia artist/inventor and software fiend Warren Stringer, who’ll be image-jamming using the dazzling aesthetic of multi-dimensional moiré and cellular automata he’s developed as a pioneer of visual synthesis.

Warren’s work is polyvalent, ranging from visual music synthesizer, Sky, to social media ontology, Tr3, that connects human input devices, game engines, and social media, into a new kind of performance mash-up.

A virtuoso of technology, Warren’s many adventures have included 2D & 3D visual synthesis, Vuppet gestural game input devices long predating the Wii, acoustic fingerprint integration for sound distribution services like Snocap, patents in e-distribution methods, and key roles in various start-ups and tech companies ranging from Coincidence, Inc., TestDrive Corp., AdWare, Inc, Lotus, Borland, to Aha, Inc. and current project Muse.

His real-time visual synthesis is as vast and beautiful as his tech acuity, and you’ll experience a lush new visual world you never knew existed.

We’ll be followed in Set 2 by Oakland meta-drone duo Glou-glou (Gretchen Jude & Arjun Mendiratta).

Glou-GLou's Music for Koto, Pitch Pipe, and Samplers

Glou-glou, active in the Bay Area since the beginning of 2012, is dedicated to creating improvised electronic music that’s primarily ambient and consonant. Gretchen Jude plays koto, Roland SP-404 and sings (among other things); Arjun Mendiratta plays violin, laptop and rocks (and such).

Gretchen Jude

Gretchen Jude has studied with a variety of teachers in Japan, Idaho, and the Bay Area: vocal performance & technique with Molly Holm, Giselle Wyers & Bruce Browne; improvisation with Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell & Zeena Parkins; traditional Japanese music with Sawai koto master Curtis Patterson & shamisen expert Nishimura Makoto (西村真琴); Urasenke tea ceremony with Hagiwara Kimiko (萩原きみ子); electronic & computer music with Ted Apel, John Bischoff, James Fei & Chris Brown.

Gretchen has appeared with artists such as Kazue Sawai, Willie Winant, Keith Rowe & Lona Kozik, in new works by composers like Christian Wolff, Fred, Frith, Amy X Neuburg, Ellen Fullman & Edward Schocker.  In addition, she has played/composed music for dance works by Anne Bluethenthal, Shinichi Iova-Koga (シンイチ・イオヴァ・コガ), Peiling Kao (高沛齡) & many others.

Gretchen has an MFA in Electronic Music & Recording Media (with the Donna Peterson Vocal Prize) from Mills College, as well as an intermediate koto certificate (with distinction) from the Sawai Koto Institute (沢井箏曲院) in Tokyo.  She teaches music technology at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.

Arjun Mendiratta / अर्जुन मेंदिरात्ता

Chemist and process engineer by day, Arjun Mendiratta (अर्जुन मेंदिरात्ता) has maintained a vigorous programme of electro-acoustic chamber music performance through his days at MIT & CalTech to his collaboration with Gretchen in a music refracted by his tech perspectives and thorough knowledge of the effects of sulfur compounds in burgundy.

Rather than try to describe their awesomely beautiful thrum, I suggest you listen (and buy!) their Music for Koto, Pitch Pipe, and Samplers here.

Join us for an unforgettable night of sight and sound at the longest standing experimental music series in the Bay Area, curated since 2002 by Outsound!


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