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Year of the Ram Show (羊新年音樂會): MSP/Synth+: Electro-acoustic improv vortex w Jorge Bachmann, Matt Davignon, Bryan Day, Karl Evangelista, Philip Everett, Joe Lasqo, Joshua Marshall, Collette McCaslin, David Michalak, Mark Pino, Rent Romus, & Eli Wallace, Thu 19 Feb @ The Luggage Store (in slightly displaced-reality location)

新年快樂!Join us as the Horse Year closes and we welcome the Year of the Ram with a joyful noise unto heaven! 駿 馬 四 蹄 擊 鼓 羚 羊 雙 角 開 春 The steed’s four hooves beat the drum, … Continue reading

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Indo-Encounter Zones: New Western instruments in today’s Indian classical music ◉ Set 1 – North Indian: Teed Rockwell: touch-style veena, Peter van Gelder: sitar, Samrat Kakkeri (सम्राट कक्केरी), tabla ◉ Set 2 – South Indian: Prasant Radhakrishnan (ప్రశాంత్ రాధాకృష్ణన్), saxophone + Rohan Krishnamurthy (ரோகன் கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி), mṛdangam, Sun 22 Feb @ Berkeley Arts Festival

I have the honor to assist in organizing and presenting a unique concert at Berkeley Arts Festival (2133 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA – map) on Sun 22 Feb (see set times below). The phenomenon of Western-instrument crossover in North & … Continue reading

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