Lasqo + Sung Kim/Hare & Arrow + Samas @ Turquoise Yantra Grotto (SF, 4 Nov 2011)

A fantastic show is coming up with instrument inventor and improviser Sung Kim (plus co-conspirators Hare & Arrow) & fellow TYG-er David Samas.

Come 7:30-9:30 for a very special house concert at Turquoise Yantra Grotto (see below for venue). Candlelit tea service in inner courtyard at 7pm and again during intermission.

Master woodworker Sung Kim ( has carved out a unique space as an instrument inventor, including Gigantar, Sympathetic Canon, The Fawn, 2-pole Nariners Trumpet, etc.


Sung Kim (김숭)

and more photos at end of post.

Those who’ve seen his recent performances @ Luggage Store, MamaBuzz, SIMM Series, Outsound Music Festival can attest to the passion and focus with which Sung brings these new instruments to life and his strong commitment to improv.

TYG-Host David Samas will introduce both sets with short pieces based on the techniques of Хөөмей (Tuvan throat/overtone singing), Inuit vocal competitions, hurdy-gurdy tunes, etc.

In set 1, David S. & I will join forces with our guests, combining throat singing, gamelan piano, zen carillon, and neo-Central-Asian fiddles in to showcase the high plains sound of the 23rd-century Mongolian Mars Colony.

Set 2 will be Hare & Arrow: Sung Kim plus Dave Dupuis on Mariners Trumpet (18v Tromba Marina). Sung & Dave will take you to a musical space you’ve not experienced with their unique combination of invented / transmigrated stringed instruments (photos below).

During the tea intermission I’ll play a South Indian “RTP” (ragam-tanam-pallavi) using a non-traditional raga: the “All Interval Hexachord” from 20th-C modernist music (recorded in another version on my recent album Turquoise Sessions, available at the show).

Turquoise Yantra Grotto, is a unique space near Glen Park in San Francisco offering, in addition to a normal piano, site-specific invented instruments like the gamelan piano and zen industrial carillon — a cozy laboratory to explore the world chamber music of the future in an unexpected dialog between global roots traditions and modernist music.

As usual, on hand will be a shamanic healer and a neo-tea practitioner (our hosts) to facilitate your listening experience.

Planning continues for Wayang Turquoise puppet opera accompanied by the gamelan piano in the new year.

A scene like nowhere else.

Due to limited seating, by advance reservation only.

To reserve, send me an email at, and I’ll confirm and send location and details.

Warmly hope to see you at these special shows!


P.S. More of Sung Kim in action:

Sung Kim with Hare & Arrow, playing the Gigantar

Sung Kim with Hare & Arrow, playing The Fawn

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