MSP w Noisejam Homebrew Instrument Orchestra (Sat 30 Mar, 6:30pm, @ Noisebridge Hackerspace 5-Year Party & Benefit, SF)

Noisebridge 5-Year Party & Benefit!

Noisebridge, San Francisco’s Hackerspace, is having some hard times, so there’s an epic benefit and party, to include eclectic performers, interactive art, and more. If you don’t know Noisebridge, see the end of this post for a brief summary of its importance to the Bay Area maker community.

Johny Radio

Naturally, I’m honored to join the digital section of the Noisejam Orchestra at this event on laptop under the conduction of inimitable homebrew sound device guru & DJ Johny Radio. Other sections of the orchestra will include anything homebrew, invented, patched, or coded – so be prepared for anything from circuit-bent toys to tin-can-resonator banjos and Frankenvegetables.

This unique sonic event unfolds for your listening pleasure at Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St., SF (map), 6:30-6:50pm, Sat 30 Mar.

Lesley Flanigan & Tristan Perich leading the Loud Objects workshop @ Noisebridge

Our set as Noisejam Orchestra is part of a much larger eclectic music/dance program starting from 5:50pm and going to late, also including

— Carl & Beatrice

Justin Morrison, Christine Bonansea, Katie Duck, & Alfredo Genovesi

— Dubious Ranger

— Thunderground Collective


For details about the music schedule and more at this fantastic event for Noisebridge Hackerspace, see: here. (Open admission, but please donate, that is the point).


If you can’t come, you still have the opportunity to donate to keep SF’s beloved hackerspace in good financial health (various ways to do this outlined: here).


Why is Noisebridge important? What do you get when you support it?

I can’t say it better than Danny O’Brien, Noisebridge’s treasurer:

“Sure, you get the world’s craziest hackerspace, not-even-run by anarchist lunatics who built WikiLeaks and run one of the biggest Tor nodes and work for the EFF and construct X-Ray Lasers from spare parts and inspire SciFi books and start 3D printing companies and make kombucha and robots, and you get to come to it 24/7 and we’ll give you a key, and share our software and our classrooms and teach you how to fix your laptop or use our woodshop or share our library or use the darkroom or cook some food or have a free shell account or throw a party or chase a robot or paint a picture or make a dress. But you could do that without paying $10 anyway, right?

Well, maybe only until July…”

Joe Lasqo @ Meridian Gallery, 11 Jan 2012 (Photo:,

Join us 6:30-6:50pm, Sat 30 Mar to hear FM synthesis meet Frankenvegetables and/or ???…

It's alive…!

And donate in person or per instructions here.

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