MSP @Outsound New Music Summit’s “Touch The Gear” (Sun 15 Jul, @CMC, SF, 7-10pm)

Outsound New Music Summit’s Touch the Gear is a free, hands-on, family-friendly event that lets the public roam among 25-30 musicians & inventors with their various different configurations of sonic “gear.”

Philip Everett, Cheryl E. Leonard, & Mark Soden Jr. @ Touch The Gear 2011 (Photo: Peter B. Kaars,

Everything from oscillators to planks of wood with strings attached. Everyone gets to ask questions, make sound and experience how these set-ups work.

One of the best things about Outsound New Music Summit’s Touch the Gear is that you never know what and whom you’ll find there. For example, it was at a Touch the Gear that I first met collaborator Todd Lerew and saw his amazing flame-activated Quartz Cantabile:

Todd Lerew's flame-activated Quartz Cantabile

And that was just one of many astonishing inventions and kits…

A bit of a junglee patch...

My “gear” for this year’s Touch the Gear will be virtual and consist purely of software — so if you have a taste for junglee MSP patches — or you want to see some of the most unique music and sound-generating devices and electronic kits that the Bay Area has to offer — come have a look!

Partial list of musicians:

Dan Ake, Laurie Amat, Audible Disease Pedals, Shani Aviram, CJ Borosque, Amanda Chaudhary (अमांडा चौधरी), Matt Davignon, Tom Duff, Walter Funk, Omer Gal, Sung Kim, Joe Lasqo, Bob Marsh, Joshua Marshall, David Michalak, Tom Nunn, LX Rudis, Daniel Steffey, Benjamin Tinker, Andrew Wayne, Peter Wong

Address, transit, Outsound New Music Summit schedule, & details at:

Look forward to see you there!


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