Gallery: Vexations [Re-vex’d] — Satie Improv Marathon @ Berkeley Arts, Sat 23 Mar & Sun 24 Mar

Here are some pictures from the recent Vexations [Re-vex’d] 22-hour improv marathon on a theme of Satie’s at Berkeley Arts Festival.

It was a great honor to organize this event and extraordinary to hear the richness and originality of the different approaches these great musicians took to it.

All photos below by Joel Deuter (thank you, Joel!), sometimes with further processing by me. (Note: Not all musicians who played were photographed).

In the background of many of these photos can be seen the luminous encaustic paintings of Mari Marks.

Steve Adams: 3:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Steve Adams: 10am, Sun 24 Mar

Nancy Beckman & Tom Bickley, in the Gusty Winds May Exist duo: 5:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Myles Boisen: 12:30am, Sun 24 Mar

Mark Clifford: 7pm, Sat 23 Mar

Joseph Colombo (L) and Adam Fong (R): midnight, Sun 24 Mar

Joseph Colombo: 4am, Sun 24 Mar

Patti Deuter: 2pm, Sat 23 Mar

Thea Farhadian and Dean Santomieri: 11:30am, Sun 24 Mar

Adam Fong: 9:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Adam Fong: midnight, Sun 24 Mar

Matthew Goodheart: 6:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Phillip Greenlief: 1am, Sun 24 Mar

Diane Grubbe: 3am, Sun 24 Mar

Ron Heglin: 8:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Jeff Hobbs: 4pm, Sat 23 Mar

Jason Hoopes: 7:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Bonnie Hughes and Dean Santomieri, 2:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Matt Ingalls (L) and John Ingle (R): 2:30 pm, Sat 23 Mar

Sung Kim (숭): 9pm, Sat 23 Mar

Sung Kim (숭) (L) and Rent Romus (R): 10:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Heikki Koskinen: 11pm, Sat 23 Mar

Joe Lasqo: 10:30am, Sun 24 Mar

Joe Lasqo and Ron Heglin: 8:30pm, Sat 23 Mar

Scott R. Looney: 8:30am, Sun 24 Mar

Scott R. Looney and Rent Romus2am, Sun 24 Mar

Fernando Lopez-LezcanoEl Dinosaurio: 6pm, Sat 23 Mar

Bob Marsh (in Sonic Suit #1): 8am, Sun 24 Mar

Joshua Marshall and Crystal Pascucci: 6am, Sun 24 Mar

Noah Phillips: 7:30am, Sun 24 Mar

Rent Romus: 10:30pm, Sat 23 Mar & 2am Sun 24 Mar

[ruidobello] (aka Jorge Bachmann): 9:30am, Sun 24 Mar

John Schott: 6:30am, Sun 24 Mar

Christina Stanley: 3pm, Sat Mar 23

Eli Wallace: 2:30am, Sun 24 Mar

Thanks again to all these amazing musicians and to Berkeley Arts Festival!


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