MSP Moon on Meta-Raga Reeds by the Night River of Jazz: Lasqo @ Bird & Beckett (SF, Sun 1 Apr, 4pm)

A solo show at the wonderful musical and literary gem of Glen Park  – Bird & Beckett! (653 Chenery, SF CA 94131; BART: Glen Park;

Bird and Beckett - the cozy in-spot for poetry, jazz & much more

As many of you know, I’m refocusing on a period of inner musical exploration, practice as meditation, and new solo work.

This solo show will bring some of this new work out, exploring new blends of MSP computer sound synthesis + piano in an extended electro-acoustic space.

A special area of exploration will be the oceanic expanse of Indian music, pursued both in relatively traditional as well as highly extended ways — including further developments in multi-dimensional “meta-rāgas” using unorthodox scales where the “notes” can be changes in sound-color, harmonization, or degree of randomization as well as changes in pitch, and adapting Indian classical structures like Pallavi-Charanam to compositions and improvisation in these meta-rāgas.

Along with these explorations, I seek to travel further down a road that is at once among the most simple and challenging for all musicians — to better use (i.e., to better get out of the way of…) silence, quietness, and space.

In this show my aim will be to explore as if listening to the wind in the reeds under the moon by a river via a gently avant combination of MSP sound synthesis, traditional rāgas, Indo-modernist meta-rāgas, and some surprises.

Of course, since it is my great pleasure to present this work at Bird & Beckett, I’ll also play from my jazz repertoire to honor the wonderful tradition of B&B jazz that has so enriched San Francisco over a period of many years. The program will also include material from my album, Turquoise Sessions (on sale at B&B).

If you don’t know the wonderfully intimate Bird & Beckett space and its creator, Eric Whittington, now is the time to acquaint yourself with this marvelous & highly BART-accessible San Francisco treasure. You’ll not only find the cosiest jazz boîte in SF, but wonderful home for words, books, and poetry guaranteed to put you in contact with ideas and writers you’ll find essential.

The man who makes it possible:

Eric Whittington, Bookseller & Friend of Jazz, at the Bird & Beckett piano (Photo: Paula Levine)

Setting the words to music…

Jerry Logus, flute & Don Prell, bass @ Bird and Beckett (Photo: Michael Waldstein)

I look forward to see you at this contemplative show….


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