Piano Space, MSP Star Spectra, and Doppler’d Time: Lasqo @ El Valenciano (SF, Thu 12 Apr, 8pm – Next Now 4)

El Valenciano - Home of the Next Now series

A solo show as part of a great ticket in the spatially-aware Next Now series @ El Valenciano (1153 Valencia Street, SF; BART: 24th & Mission).

Many of you have traveled to new musical planes on Thursdays at El Valenciano under the obliquely brilliant direction of Eric Moffat and/or guest curator Mika Pontecorvo. I am honored to be a part of Mika’s Next Now 4 @EV on 12 April.

OBAFGKM Star Spectra

Continuing focus on a period of inner musical exploration, practice as meditation, & new solo work, this show will feature interplay of computer/piano at the edge of melodic space, luminous and dark harmonic spectra, and doppler’d time on both sides of the light speed barrier.

Cassini Saturn Probe Spectra - Melody, harmony, or sound-color?

Neo-gaku extensions of Japanese/Korean 調 modes + multi-dimensional Indo-modernist “meta-rāgas”, where the “notes” are changes in sound-color, harmonization, or degree of randomization as well as changes in pitch, will be the basis for improvisation structures to relate synthesized spectra, melody and harmony in forms  like Rāgam-Tānam-Pallavi or “Jō-ha-kyū” (序破急).

One of the featured pieces will be “Dark Matter Music via Gravity Lens” in the Saturnian meta-rāga Śani-Haṭakaṅgi (शनि-हटकङी). The program will also include material from my recent album, Turquoise Sessions.

Note or instrument...?

The Polychromatic Mika Pontecorvo

My set will be the 1st wave of Next Now 4, part of the ongoing Next Now series organized on some Thursdays at El Valenciano by guitarist, flutist, live electronicist, composer, improviser, & process architect, Mika Pontecorvo (for a few persepctives on Mika, see left).

Mika’s music specializes in in emergent structures of improvisation based on live interaction between an ensemble of musicians and generative sound architectures and systems he constructs in MAX/MSP and other hardware/software elements .

Playing in set 2, Mika’s band Cartoon Justice melds free and modal improv with structured song and experimental noise processes. The resulting sound often draws on elements from world musics, jazz, dark psychedelic rock and funk, and European modern / post-modern experimental traditions, and is a sound like no other you’ve heard.

Cartoon Justice - Apr 12th's personnel will include Mika Pontecorvo: guitar/flute/live processing, Kersti Abrams: alto sax/rhaita (غيطه‎)/flute, Greg Baker: clarinet/percussion/live processing, Aaron Levin: drums/percussion, Elijah Pontecorvo: electric bass

More Mika & Cartoon Justice:



Set 3 closes out the show with Mutual Aid Project, who do in music what Kropotkin proposed in politics.

Взаимопомощь: The MAP is the territory...

“Through our music and recent projects, Decolonizing the Imagination: Arts Practicum and R&D (Research and Development), Mutual Aid Project is a Creative Music collective engaged in discovering of our connections to our histories and ourselves.”

Band members:
Tracy Hui (guitar)
Nick Obando (alto saxophone)
Marshall Trammell (percussion)

Rangshar Tracy Hui is an Oakland improvisor/composer/guitarist living in CA.  He has lived and played in protean formations often unrecognizable from previous incarnations and studied/played/observed intently with/about/(   ) a plethora of musical entities. He has a deep commitment to realizing a better society through a persistent practice and theoretical searching. He actively musicks in the communities he serves, expressing indignation, joy, suffering, love and collectivity.

Nick Obando is a Bay Area native saxophonist. After studying jazz at a southern CA State University, he moved back to Oakland & began to educate youth through different media. Nick also continues to be a student emerging himself in his Filipino culture by studying & teaching traditional folk music. Working in free improv he makes sure to keep a deep root in blues and R&B.

Marshall Trammell was raised in Oahu, Hawaii. His  Multi-Aesthetic approach to Improvisation is a framework for his development as a percussionist. His other projects include: film, curation, cognitive embodiment video projects, the Oakland Tenderness Project, a mutual aid, alternative currency and participatory research pilot project, and composition. A very versatile player, who can play in very different styles on different nights with different people.

Together they forge a powerful but spacious meta-jazz force field that will energize you into the night.

Mutual Aid Project: Tracy Hui (guitar), Nick Obando (sax), & Marshall Trammell (percussion) [photo: Stuart Dixon]

More Mutual Aid Project:


Look forward to join you in the revolutionary re-folded space of Next Now 4.


Next Now 4 @ El Valenciano, 12 Apr 2012

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